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DAC 2015 – Düsseldorf, Germany

ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG is proud to support the Workshop "Airway Management in Children and Adults" that is held at the German Congress for Anaesthesia 2015. Unlike in previous years, this workshop consists of 5 modules that has been developed by Dr. med. Tim Piepho in collaboration with Dr. Kai Heckel. The aim of these modules is to increase the learning effect of each participant. ACUTRONIC is supporting the Module C: Indirect Laryngoscopy with the SensaScope. 

Workshop: Airway Management in Children and Adults

Friday, 07. May 2015

11:00-13:00 |

Module A:


Basics, Algorithm, Mask Ventilation,
Direct Laryngoscopy, Bougie, Extubation

14:00-16:00 |

Module B:


Extraglottic Airways

Friday, 07. May 2015

09:00-11:00 |

Module C:


Indirect Laryngoscopy

11:30-13:30 |

Module D:


Flexible Intubation Endoscopes

14:30-16:30 |

Module E:


Transtracheal and Translaryngeal Ventilation

All modules include two presentations that take about 20 minutes.

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22.06.2018 - 24.06.2018

INAC - Ghent, Belgium

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