fabian HFO
Our 4-in-1 device.

From the delivery room to the NICU: the fabian HFO offers the best-in-class ventilation modalities in a single device.

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Meet the fabian family

The new fabian generation by ACUTRONIC consists of three Gold Club members. Each one is representing the benchmark in its class, either in non-invasive, conventional or sophisticated High Frequency ventilation. They are configured for your specific needs and can be upgraded with further options.

The Next Generation of
Closed-Loop Oxygenation

Individual. Intelligent. Efficient.

Every newborn is special. PRICO (Predictive Intelligent Control of Oxygenation) by ACUTRONIC is the next generation of Intelligent Closed-Loop FiO2-SpO2 Controls, maintaining the patient's SpO2 within the intended range. Together with the Masimo Set® SpO2-Sensors, its unique algorithm and high-performance blender now perform FiO2 adjustments automatically, quickly, and more reliably than ever before.

PRICO not only supports caregivers in their daily goal for best possible patient comfort and safety, but also helps clinicians save time, reduce cost, and improve their workflow.

PRICO will keep you within your target range more reliably than normal manual adjustment.

[18] M.C. Hütten, et al., Fully automated predictive intelligent control of oxygenation (PRICO) in resuscitation and ventilation of preterm lambs, Pediatr. Res. 78 (2015)657–663.

Less tube sets.
More flexibility.

The new fabian HFO doesn’t require any additional tube set to connect the internal HFO module to the patient circuit and this solution improve different aspects:

  • More power transmitted from HFO internal module to the patient
  • All modes (conventional and HFOV) can be used with the same patient circuit providing a seamless transition between modes
  • Reduction in costs of treatment
  • More efficient time management for caregivers

Relieve Baby’s Stress

One device offering
all options

The latest edition of fabian HFO comes with the HFO fully integrated into the inspiratory port. No additional tubing for HFO needed. Furthermore, the fresh gas port allows for easier use of NO systems. The fresh gas port also function as the nCPAP port, making it even easier to switch modalities.

New high-performance technologies.

Highly precise and state of the art technology reduces the risk of infections and false clinical pulmonary evaluation to the lowest level possible.

Developmental Care

Particularly silent, the fabian HFO, creates a low-stress and low-noise environment for the undisturbed handling, bonding and kangaroo care of the baby during its development.


A true modular system with a variety of ventilation modes for the ventilator configuration you need – more can be added and enabled whenever desired.


All these features and even more in just one device:

all neonatal and pediatric conventional ventilation modes (Volume Guarantee included), Non-Invasive Ventilation modes (NIV), O2 therapy with High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) and unique High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) with Lung Recruitment Maneuver and Volume Guarantee.

Neonatal and pediatric ventilation modes (IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, PSV and SIMV+PSV) with independent adjustment of inspiratory and expiratory flow reduces the work of breathing and inadvertent PEEP.

nCPAP and DuoPAP modes, for nasal and mask ventilation, with automatic leak compensation, featuring two-level CPAP mode to improve CO2 removal.

Ease of Use

Intuitive touch display

A clear, bright and large touch-TFT display – visible at any angle and distance – with intuitive commands reduces human error and puts the focus back on the baby.

All operation procedures are carried out by a direct, time-saving and easy to understand 'one-touch'–principle.

See waveforms, numeric data, loops, ventilator status, etc., clearly displayed and represented, with color coded status zones.

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Build for Power.
From the ground up.

The fabian HFO is the result of more than 30 years of experience in design, development and craftsmanship.

Powerful components such as maintenance-free battery packs, innovative modules like a one-piece expiratory valve and a cleverly reduced assembling concept with easily accessible parts make this device user-friendly – even when in service. 

Together with a customized service program, fabian helps to minimize the cost of ownership.

Patient Safety

On the receiving end of our ventilators are the tiniest and most fragile patients imaginable. Keeping them safe and protected whenever they are ventilated is our first priority of all our thoughts.

  • Integrated lock function to prevent inadvertent settings.
  • Easy maintenance with few parts for disinfection and sterilization without any risk of infection inside the ventilator – even during  HFO ventilation.
  • No bacterial filters and therefore no risk of increased resistance during humidified ventilatory therapies.
  • Optimal support with reduced Work Of Breathing (iWOB).
  • Reduced error risk thanks to the self-training ACUTRONIC concept inside.
  • Built-in backup battery pack for up to 2.5 hours of self-powered operation.

for Mobility

Medical technology should simplify the work flow of clinicians. Interfaces should be familiar and intuitive. They should be consistent across different workstations, thus reducing the potential for error. Data should be entered just once and be available across multiple platforms to support decision-making.

Ultimately, innovations in ventilator design and clinical information management can improve both patient safety and outcomes, while supporting maximum flexibility.

  • Comprehensive device 
    Allowing easy access to the baby at all times. No disturbances at the bedside in NICU/PICU from device reshuffles.
  • Lightweight unit 
    Designed for safe, practical transportation with integrated electronic gas blender and built-in battery.

Compatibility & Interface

  • Communication Interface Digital interface with hospital information systems, download settings and monitoring data.
  • Service mode Service mode with advanced diagnostics via USB port, standard Ethernet connection.
  • Flexible & scalable The system is flexible and can be used with all conventional breathing circuits currently available on the market.

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