monsoon III
High frequency

A universal ventilator for all procedures in laryngology, airway, thoracic and heart surgery and for applications in intensive care for patients with severe lung injuries, ARDS or bronchopleural fistulas.

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The ACUTRONIC monsoon comes with a variety of
 features to fit your individual needs.

Single jet

  • Air-oxygen blender
  • 9"-color display with touch screen
  • 1-channel jet
  • Pause pressure monitoring
  • Airway pressure monitoring
  • Bypass 15 LPM

Double jet

  • etCO2 module and double jet
  • Air-oxygen blender
  • 9"-color display with touch screen
  • 2-channel jet
  • Pause pressure monitoring
  • Airway pressure monitoring
  • Bypass 0 - 70 LPM
  • Heater / humidifier
  • Flow/volume monitoring

Patient Safety

The monsoon jet ventilation works with high driving pressure to produce a high gas flow, thus ensuring sufficient oxygenation and ventilation of the patient. 

Irrespective of the high driving pressure, intrapulmonary pressure will not increase due to the open ventilation system. This is also an efficient method of atelectasis prevention.

Easy Access

The detachable and ergonomically positionable 9"-touch color screen display with video option permits efficient and safe operation of the unit with excellent viewing conditions up to a distance of 3 meters. 

Side mount position left to right


  • The monsoon can deliver a wide frequency range from 4 to 1600 breaths per minute.
  • A high-frequency jet ventilation application provides continuous ventilation in the open, unblocked respiratory system and can keep the chest moving only slightly (similar to apnoea) under current ventilation.
  • The ability to deliver high pressures permits ventilating the patient with small tubes or narrow catheters. This results in accessibility to the larynx and trachea for diagnostic and surgical procedures.
  • Due to the integration of heating and humidification, the ACUTRONIC monsoon can be used for short-term and long-term single or superimposed high-frequency jet ventilation.

Ease of use

Easy access to all system features for individual adjustments. The intuitive user-friendly display takes does not absorb too much attention and leaves the focus on the patient. Configurable preset adjustments such as 'laser mode' with reduced O2 input.